Happy belated New Year. After spending last year’s final week on an incredible roadtrip through the American Southwest, 2014 couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. I’ve been taking a hiatus from performance to hole up and focus on collaborative projects. I contributed a remix to Benoît Pioulard’s Hymnal Remixes, a 2-CD set available from Lost Tribe Sound. In December, my friend Andrew Weathers and I recorded an album in a forest service cabin on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s very different from other projects we’ve been involved with, and we’re excited to share it with you. It’s currently in the process of being mixed. Also forthcoming is a 7" lathe cut and DVD from Saguache, my collaborative duo with Cody Yantis. This project traverses new terrain for us sonically, as well as being our first collective foray into visual media. We’re eager for it to see release via FET Press (Hudson, NY) in the coming months. Lastly, my infrequently-curated multimedia outlet Holyoak! Resounding has several releases slated for the year. Thanks for listening.