2015 Recap

Hey everybody,

Hope 2015 has been real good to you. Between performances, recording, and enjoying the seasonal indulgences of swimming holes and snowshoeing, it's been teeming with moments. As the year draws its final breaths, I've had some time to breathe myself, and reflect on some of them:

In March, my friend Nathan McLaughlin and I recorded an album in a Catskill cabin full of instruments. The result was long-form pieces for acoustic instruments, electronics, and location recordings of bald eagles. Olivebridge is available from Editions Littlefield on cassette.

Also in March, my friend Andrew Weathers and I recorded an album in Point Reyes and Oakland, California. Blissed cosmic zones for Casio, organ, electronics, and driftwood. Ever Steady is due out in 2016 via Phinery on cassette ( UPDATE: it is now available here )

In April, Nathan and I did an hour long set at the 24 Hour Drone Fest at Basilica Hudson. Nathan situated a 24' tape loop around the space, with which we layered and processed 24 orchestra tune ups that I recorded. There's a video in the link above featuring snippets of each performance from the festival.

In September, I performed in an outdoor realization of John Cage's Branches for WGXC's Groundswell at Olana State Historic Site. There were two trio performances (Laura Kuhn, Andrew Weathers, myself; Emy Martin, Nathan McLaughlin, myself) using plant detritus found at Olana. We amplified the materials using a battery-powered mixer, FM transmitter, and radios.

Looking toward the horizon:

In late 2016 I'm planning a solo tour of the American South and Midwest. Dates and locations will be posted as they are confirmed.

A couple of recording projects are in the pipeline, including two new Saguache pieces and a second full-length album with Nathan McLaughlin.

Happy New Year, and as always, thanks for listening.