2014 has been an eventful year. This summer I relocated to the Hudson Valley in New York state. I’ve been enjoying time by the river and in the Catskills as I can, getting acquainted with my new environment. Thunderstorms, fireflies, and lake swimming aplenty. A couple of releases have surfaced since my last update, the first of which being Silhouette, and the Stars Emerging. This is a record that was completed several years ago, and I’m glad it’s now available on cassette via Bridgetown Records. It will be the final release under my Widesky moniker. Also, a 7" lathe cut and DVD from Saguache, my collaborative project with Cody Yantis, has been released on FET Press. It serves as Saguache’s first visual collaborative effort, as well as traversing some new terrain for us sonically. Finally, Louella, a collaborative record with my friend Andrew Weathers, should be available in the coming months. We recorded it in a forest service cabin on the Olympic Peninsula back in December. I’ve been taking a break from performance and recording to focus on live sound work and settling into the Northeast. I’m eager to perform up here when the time is right. More soon. Thanks for listening.